Welcome at Reconectar.

This space was created with the aim of promoting complementary techniques and therapies that will assist in the prevention and recovery of health through natural and energetic intervention in a treatment approach of body, mind and spirit.
Here it is also possible through specially developed Oracles and Techniques, clarifying doubts, guiding you in solving problems and making decisions at important points in your life.
This project aims to provide a return to Unity, to the awareness of Spiritual Beings that we have always been, helping through various tools, reconnecting with oneself, fulfilling your purpose of life and leading you and being who you were born to be.

A space dedicated to changing the lives of people with much love..


Gypsy Deck – Book now

The Gypsy Deck Lenormand is one of the most used oracles in consultations with fortune tellers and mystics. Known as gossipy, for not revealing any secret, this deck has a strong divining power. Duration 45 min to 1 hour and can be extended according to the doubts of the consultant.

Radionic Table – Book now

The Radionic Table is used along with a pendulum and based on principles of Radiesthesia, Radionics and Sacred Geometry. This technique can release emotions, balance energies and treat various subjects such as:
Relationships, Health, Occupation, Financial, Business, Legal Issues
Harmful Energies, Chakras Imbalance, Energetic Cleaning of Environments
Cutting of karmic ties, breaking of negative contracts and reduction of karmic debt, DNA Reprogramming, Removal of patterns of fear, guilt, shame and programming with codes of Peace, Health, Light and Harmony,
Elevation of vibratory pattern and level of vital energy. Rejuvenation,
Increased Self-esteem and Self-confidence. Duration min 1h and max 3h.

Akashics Records – Book now

The Akashic Records are individual files of the soul accompanying it in all its incarnations, where are recorded thoughts, words, emotions and actions generated by each of the lived experiences. They are a powerful tool of connection with other astral planes, independent of the linearity of time to occur, being an extension of the divine mind of man. They allow us to have access to memories that can reveal situations in the present, as well as to clarify karmic events of other moments (past) and to discover the purpose of life (future). Duration of the query depends on the number of queries of the querent.


* Distance Sessions will only be made upon payment of 100% of the anticipated value.



Hello, I’m Gisele.

During my journey as a health professional, graduated in nursing, I always believed that the curative potential also resided within us, and the procedures and specialists are only coadjuvant within a larger process.
For a while living in the Asian continent, I felt a void in the chest that could not be explained and nothing and nobody could fill. I had the privilege of getting in touch with complementary techniques and therapies and I was able to perceive a new world that opened up for me. My emptiness was finally fulfilled and through working with these techniques and therapies, I was able to go healing my inner child, reconnecting my essence and thus opening the way to a more harmonious and complete life. I started applying my knowledge and techniques to other people and surprised myself with their testimonials. The commitment to be an instrument of greater intelligence, led me to various learning and to know that through various experiences and paths where I passed, much growth provided me.
In our way we are supported and guided by enlightened beings that indicate us, signal, show our next step to be given through people, situations and even places. I try through my work to offer a pair of wings so that each person finds its true essence, reaching higher flights and fulfilling its mission of life.